We are not leaving because we disagree with the denomination’s stance on human sexuality and marriage. We actually AGREE wholehearted with the wording in the Discipline, but we serve in a denomination where others who have agreed to support the Discipline will not keep their promises. We want to be part of a denomination that is thoroughly biblical in its understanding of the necessity for faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

We believe the true mission of the church is to lead men and women to repentance so that they can turn to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and walk out their lives as true followers all the days of their lives.

The United Methodist Church has become an ungovernable denomination and we are people of order and believe that the Spirit of God cannot bless chaos. We want to be a part of serving with like-minded Methodists that will adhere to the Word of God as contained in the Old and New Testaments, like our membership vows stated. We also want to own our property, not be owned by it.

We want to have confidence that pastors trained by our seminaries and approved by the Board of Ordained Ministry believe the same things that we do. Sometimes, we have to agree with Paul in 1 Corinthians 6, that we cannot continue together.

Details Concerning Disaffiliation and other FAQs

How does the process of disaffiliation work in our conference?

When and where is the special called session of Annual Conference?

What is the process for asking to take a vote on disaffiliation?

What is the deadline for scheduling a church conference this fall?

Will there be other opportunities for disaffiliation besides this special called session of annual conference in November?

What happens if the church and their current pastor disagree on disaffiliation?

What will be the official date of disaffiliation?

Why should a church consider joining the GMC after leaving the UMC?

What about a church whose pastor/council will not discuss the issues behind disaffiliation?

What will a GM church have to pay in pension payments for their pastor?

Does the church need to secure an attorney?