Church Council is a Lay Leader Team that oversees and makes final decisions regarding policies and ministries of the church. The Council works with individual teams such as Finance, Personnel, and Trustees to ensure tasks are handled appropriately.

Charles Burnett
Patrick Briley
Janet Brooks
Patrick Porter

Lay Member to Annual Conference
Ronnie Smith
Lay Member to Annual Conference
Michelle Laughridge
Lay Member to Annual Conference
Herb Ormond
Alt. Lay Member to Annual Conference 1
DJ Fussell
Alt. Lay Member to Annual Conference 2
Matt Hartman

Missions Chair
Gary Foote
Trustees Chair
Scott Farmer
Personnel Chair
Sara Lilley
Finance Chair
Heather Davis

At Large Members to the Council
Wes Singleton
Cindy Nicholson
Elizabeth Jones
Kristen Porter

Staff Representative(s)
Lead Pastor
Branson Sheets
Executive Pastor
Mike Cruser


The Personnel Team has primary responsibility to work with staff so the mission of the church is realized. This team is the administrative unit in the local church where staff and congregational interests are integrated to focus on the mission of the church.

Sara Lilley
Staff Representatives
Branson Sheets/Mike Cruser
Rob Vernon
Chip Tillet
Bill Jacobs
Lindsay Harris
Brad Garner
Charlie Langley
Sarah Peninger
Fred Ash


Responsible for appropriating mission funds of the church to make sure all disbursements fit the DNA. Work side-by-side with local outreach ministries and International Ministries.

Gary Foote
Staff Representative
Jeremy Griffin
Teff Sheets
Jaryd Earlosky
Abby Cabrera
Laura Respess
Greg Smith
Heather White
John Tennison
Marisol Martinez


Trustees are responsible for the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the church and of all property and equipment acquired directly by the church.

Scott Farmer
Staff Representative
Eric Demsky
Kellie Brown
Jason Wallace
Cameron Taylor
Dwayne Flexer
Diana Williams
Crystal Malpass
Taplie Coile
Jeff Gibson


The Finance Team is responsible for overseeing the financial activities of the church, recommending an annual budget to the Church Council; regular oversight of church financial transactions to ensure adherence to approved budgets.

Heather Davis
Council Chair
Charlies Burnett
Personnel Chair
Sara Lilley
Trustees Chair
Scott Farmer
Patrick Porter
Staff Representative
Gina Glick
Rich Winkler
Lance Collette
Todd Karraker
Brian Minshew
Paul Whedbee
Michael Hale
Ed Keesler
David Forehand

Nominations Team

The Nominations Team gets to know members of the congregation and identifies their skills, gifts, and knowledge and matches potential leaders with leadership positions. They invite members to serve in leadership positions, making sure the people represent the makeup of the congregation.

Branson Sheets
Jonathan Bass
Lisa Douglas
Michael Grubb
David Wall
Miri Wordsworth
Amanda Patel
Neil Brewer
Marilyn Gibson
Louise Bradshaw

Compassion Fund

This fund is responsible for partnering with a Congregational Care staff person to oversee the process and will be responsible to co-sign checks written from the Compassion Fund. Board members will serve a 3 year term and will rotate off the board at the end of their term.

Lay Elder Team

The Lay Elder Team provides spiritual and prayer support to all areas of our church. This includes maintaining an unwavering commitment to pray for our congregation and staff and encouraging, challenging, and exhorting the Lead Pastor.

Herb Ormond
Jeff Ramey
Trudy Halstead
Ruben Soto-Terron
Josh Morgan
Dee Pappas

Washington Leadership Team

Steve Knight
Staff Representative
Jay Buckingham
Stephanie Grimes
Joan Brown
Dewayne Westbrook
Terri Knight
Pat Waters
Jamie Harris
Ivey Harris
Lynn Cratch
Michael Wentler